Kosher Means Quality

Kosher in popular culture has come to be more than a word simply referring to Hebrew practices. It has come to be a word describing "when guidelines are kept and protocols are enforced".

Kosher law prohibits the ingestion of insects, bloods, and other food impurities. These are prohibited becasue the Torah, the Jewish book of law, deemed these unhealthy for human ingestion.

When a product is certified as Kosher, it is a stamp of approval that the company was willing to institute additional supervision above and beyond federal guidelines. It signifies that this company is not apprehensive to adhere to super-stringent guidelines and extra scrutiny, and it willingly complies with extra personnel supervising the entire process from start to finish.

With First Choice being Kosher certifed, you can rest assured that besides for the stringent guidelines of the USDA, FDA, GSFS and other third party audits, there is an extra layer of protection to ensure that the food your baby will eat is 'KOSHER' in every sense of the word.