About First Choice

Company's History

When someone becomes a parent they suddenly undergo a unique transformation, their first and foremost concern is their baby's well-being and happiness. That is why when First Choice was introduced in 2011 it was accepted with great enthusiasm. Finally there was a company that shared the same desire that parents have, because First Choice was founded by parents that have just had their first baby too. We felt that there is a void to be filled for a company that its sole dedication is the kosher market.

Utilizing two years of research and product development since its founding in 2009 until its first product launch in 2011, we combined quality and kashrus and didn't stop until we felt confident with the results. A high quality product was born.

In 2013 First Choice introduced a new line of premium kosher baby meat jars, offering the ultimate in nutrition and convenience in one jar. Our five great products of chicken and turkey provide an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, food so good that you would prepare for yourself, just with a baby twist.

In our unwavering commitment to the kosher consumer, First Choice launched the only Kosher for Passover line featuring the same supremacy and great taste that has become our trademark.

The First Choice Team


Our baby jars are produced under the strictest of rules and requirements there is a USDA representative on site and we follow the GSFS (Global Standards for Food Safety) guidelines. Our plant is A rated with the BRC which is the most recognized 3rd party food safety audit group. We only purchase by suppliers that comply with our high standards. All machinery go through a rigorous wash down from one product to the next so there is no need to worry about allergies only what's on the label is in the jar. We continuously check for small metal chips that could have broken off from machinery in the process all of the jars go through a metal detector and the metal detector is checked every hour. We are not done yet after everything is done we lock everything up for about ten days and the USDA has to release it to ensure that all is good only then is the product distributed and available for purchase at your convenience.


We are always on the lookout for market trends and new product ideas therefore we have our own research and development team who make sure that it's a great tasting product and will have the great nutritional value and vitamins needed by your baby we make sure the that the taste is great not only by giving it to babies but also by eating it ourselves because while babies are the ones eating it we believe that the product has to pass a mothers scrutiny. Our best ingredient is by that we use fresh fruits and vegetables that literally go from tree to jar and poultry that fits for a king it simply results in a delicious tasting product these jars just taste great so buy enough to make sure some stays for your baby too.

We at First Choice are proud to join you in nurturing your baby with the very best in quality and kashrus and we look forward to promote healthy choices for all stages with our innovative products.